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Our whole life is influenced by hormones. All processes in the human body depend on their production. We do know that a lack of hormones is not a death sentence, it is a condition that can be corrected using the latest medical methods. Such as hormone replacement therapy. Our task is to make the life of men full with the help of HRT. With us, you can feel the taste for life, return to your prime, and at the same time, feel the harmony of body and psyche.

Diagnostics in our laboratories

For the appointment of HRT, a complex and thorough diagnosis is required. You can take a blood test in our laboratory to get a reliable result in a short time.

Certified HRT specialists

Our doctors are officially licensed by the FDA, have extensive experience in treating patients with hormonal imbalances, as well as our own scientific developments in the field of HRT, which help therapists prescribe the most effective and safe treatment.

Individual treatment plans

Each organism has its individual characteristics and norms. We take them into account when drawing up a treatment plan with bioidentical hormones to achieve maximum results. Each plan is accompanied by a physician to tailor the therapy to your specific needs.

Doctors are always in touch with you.

We do not just offer you modern methods of treatment, we are constantly in contact with you in order to continue the therapy or adjust it when needed.

Testosterone Therapy for Men

Testosterone Therapy for Men

It's no secret that as we age, our bodies become more sluggish, muscles weaken, and attractiveness diminishes with time. But not everyone knows that the reason for all such changes in men is often low Testosterone. Our clinic is engaged in the development and practical application of the TRT method for men that is hormone replacement therapy that can improve health and prolong youth.

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HGH Therapy for Women

Human Growth Hormone is among the list of the most important hormones our body produces throughout its lifetime. At a young age, it is responsible for consistent and healthy growth of bones, muscles, fibres. When we are already grown-ups, the level of this hormone starts decreasing as our glands cannot produce it with the same intensity as in youth. With the increasing deficit of HGH, our body gets its ageing traces: it becomes less energized, muscles become flabby and fat amount increases. Lack of HGH is important for both men and women as it impacts almost every part of our body.

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HGH Therapy for Women
HGH Therapy for Men

HGH Therapy for Men

Hormones are a part of regulating system our body uses for its homeostasis. And HGH aka Human Growth Hormone or just Growth Hormone is an indispensable part of this regulative system. At a young age, it is produced by the pituitary gland in a considerable amount to provide the body with adequate growth in order to form a fully healthy shape of the limbs, lay a functional reproductive system, and achieve standard height. The production process lasts a lifetime: after 20 years, Growth Hormone production begins to decline by 15% per decade. Hormone levels peak in early childhood, and secretion peaks during adolescence.

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Getting an efficient and proven therapy is a must for a person who wants to be healthy and feels young. That is HGH treatment in Pittsburgh that will help you in your strive to feel harmonious and improve your well-being prolonging body youth and helping to support hormonal balance.

What is HGH? That is human growth hormone also called Somatropin. Growth Hormone is a protein composed of the 191st amino acid. The production and secretion of this hormone occur in the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland (in the endocrine gland). In the body, Human Growth Hormone is produced in greater quantities than all existing pituitary hormones (tropic hormones that stimulate the synthesis and secretion of hormones of the peripheral endocrine glands). The production process lasts a lifetime. Yet after 20 years, GH production begins to decline by 15% per decade. Hormone levels peak in early childhood, and secretion peaks during adole

This hormone is equally important for both men and women.

HGH for men is required for sustaining multiple body systems in balance.

  • It is necessary for muscle mass growth and strength.
  • It regulates fat levels.
  • Besides, it is the HGH hormone that also impacts the reproductive system and leads to erectile dysfunction, low sex drive when it is in its low.
  • It is necessary for bones' health and metabolism.
  • It regulates the intensive growth of cells in the pituitary gland, adrenal glands, liver, gonads, thymus.
  • It affects the growth of fatty acids in the blood, which suppresses the effect of insulin on membrane glucose transport.

As a result, HGH helps to maintain the body strong and enduring even at a solid age. HGH for women is no less important as it helps in the skin collagen renovation process and prolongs the youth of the skin and regulates weight.

HGH in Pittsburgh could be bought only with the prescription of the doctor. In our HGH therapy clinic in Pittsburgh, you can get the full information about indications for HGH therapy and pass complex tests to find out whether you need HGH therapy in Pittsburgh.

HGH Benefits

Let's discover what HGH benefits make this hormone the most effective therapy method for the whole well-being of a man.

Let's start with what happens when there is a lack of HGH. Your body begins to actively age. Hair falls out, muscles become flabby, adipose tissue accumulates, and bones become brittle. All this can be corrected even if the symptoms have already manifested themselves and interfere with your active life.

Just rate the benefits of HGH:

  • Muscles become more elastic because the hormone activates the growth of muscle cells and speeds up metabolism.
  • For the same reason, the weight and the amount of adipose tissue in the body are normalized.
  • Growth Hormone regulates both the level of "bad" and "good" cholesterol in the blood, which reduces the risk of vascular diseases, heart attacks, and strokes.
  • When you restore the balance of Growth Hormone, you feel a surge of strength and vitality, you can do more and strive to be more active.
  • Another benefit of HGH that is important to consider is bone health. Less risk of fractures and the development of bone and joint diseases.
  • Growth Hormone helps in the production of vitamin D3, which is needed to increase skeletal strength. And yes, this also applies to teeth.

You can experience all these HGH results with a regular intake of HGH as part of special therapy.

HGH for Men, HGH for Women

Despite its obvious efficiency, there are several peculiarities in the results of HGH for men and HGH for women. What is the difference?

In women, especially in premenopause and menopause periods, HGH allows to increase the metabolism and provides skin rejuvenation due to the increase of collagen production in skin cells. Besides, it helps to improve concentration, energizes the body, and decreases depression and anxiety symptoms. These factors are key ones when choosing the therapy for low-HGH diagnosed women.

In men, HGH results are even more pronounced. It is thanks to the HGH benefits that the male body can become noticeably stronger and more enduring. Thanks to the Human Growth Hormone, men can feel much younger, their lost libido and muscle mass are restored, their metabolism improves, and their endurance increases. In addition, the introduction of HGH allows you to stop such signs of aging as hair loss, the formation of fatty layers in the abdomen, osteoporosis, and vascular atherosclerosis. Correctly chosen dosage and high-quality preparation containing synthesized Growth Hormone will allow you to improve your well-being, both physical and mental. But we should remind you that such therapy is only possible under the supervision of HGH doctors in Pittsburgh.

Enjoy Your Young and Full of Drive Life With HRT

Change your life for the better with innovative HRT methods for people. Live life to the fullest and enjoy the possibilities of your body. Sign up for a consultation to learn more about HRT.

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HGH Treatment Pittsburgh

Treatment with Growth Hormone is a rather complex, consistent, and accurate process. Each organism is individual, and the selection of the dosage and type of HGH intake should also be carried out individually, taking into account the patient's age, the severity of the symptoms of HGH deficiency.

What does HGH treatment in Pittsburgh begin with? Of course, with a visit to the clinic. Each patient, before prescribing Growth Hormone as therapy, must be examined and tested for the level of HGH. To make the results of the analysis as accurate as possible, adhere to the following rules for preparing for its delivery:

  • Pass the blood test without any meals taken before. You shouldn't eat at all 12 hours before the analysis (besides drinking clean water), and 24 hours before the analysis, fatty foods must be excluded from the menu.
  • It is recommended to be tested in the morning.
  • You must refrain from smoking at least for 3 hours before the analysis.
  • Refrain from physical exertion, and also avoid emotional stress on the eve of the day of analysis.
  • Before taking the analysis, it is very desirable to spend at least half an hour in complete physical rest.

After receiving the analysis data, your doctor should analyze it in conjunction with your history to find the best option that will give you the best results. In general, the options for taking HGH can be as follows:

  • HGH injections. In the form of injections, Human Growth Hormone is the most effective, since it enters the body directly by being absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • HGH supplements in pill or topical form. If the HGH deficiency is not too severe, and a small dose of the hormone is sufficient to correct the balance, oral and topical remedies can be used. HGH pills for sale are available in pharmacies but can only be sold with a prescription.

In addition to choosing the method of treatment for HGH deficiency, the doctor always monitors the effectiveness to timely adjust the dosage and force the body to increase the production of natural Growth Hormone. It is this kind of work that allows you to achieve long-term and noticeable results.

If you would like to receive HGH injections in Pittsburgh or buy HGH pills for your Growth Hormone Therapy, it is best to go to experienced doctors with experience in treating adult patients diagnosed with HGH deficiency.

HGH Clinics in Pittsburgh

Although there are several HGH clinics in Pittsburgh, the most reliable place to get your HGH therapy is in our clinic. Why apply for our services?

  • We are not just an HGH therapy clinic in Pittsburgh, besides this, we provide our own scientific researches in the field of hormonal therapy and its methods. We have developed our own author's methods of HGH therapy approved by the FDA.
  • Our doctors are more than just medical advisors. They guide every patient through his life periods correcting and monitoring hormones intake to get long-lasting and evident results.
  • We have our own HGH supplements and offer HGH for sale in our clinics. All medications are approved by medical authorities and have safety certificates.
  • We provide our patients with the most required service that is informational support for HGH deficiency fighters. We help to make the lifestyle of our patients better and provide lots of useful info about HGH intake, its effectiveness, and safety tips to avoid possible side effects.
  • Besides, we offer a turnkey service that includes diagnostics, consulting, HGH therapy itself, and constant support by our medical advisors that are in touch with you around the clock.

We are one of the best HGH clinics in Pittsburgh. We are ready to help you to make your life brighter and your body younger using your natural body sources that are hormones, and first of all, HGH. Start your way to a happy anti-aging future with us.


Can I return back my hair when taking HRT?

If you have hair lack due to low Testosterone, it is possible to regenerate its growth again. Yet it is not 100% guaranteed as hair corresponds with genetics more than with hormones.

Is Testosterone Therapy effective for erectile dysfunction treatment?

Sexual drive and erection begin in the brain when Testosterone receptors start a series of biochemical reactions that stimulate muscle, nerve system, and brain at once. An insufficient amount of free Testosterone directly impairs male sex life and causes genital atrophy. If the level of free Testosterone is restored, positive changes and renovation of the functionality and size of the genitals can be expected. But you should also consider that erectile dysfunction can be caused by other factors not related to hormonal imbalance.

Is HRT safe for the cardiovascular system? Can it be prescribed to men having cardiovascular diseases?

HRT is safe for your heart and vessels. Moreover, Testosterone plays an important role in heart work as it helps to make muscles including heart muscle stronger and it regulates levels of bad/good cholesterol in the body. The only contraindication for HRT concerning the cardiovascular system is venous thrombosis.

When the male body produces the maximum Testosterone level?

As usual, the peak of Testosterone production in men is in 20-25. Then its amount reduces.

Enjoy Your Young and Full of Drive Life With HRT

Change your life for the better with innovative HRT methods for people. Live life to the fullest and enjoy the possibilities of your body. Sign up for a consultation to learn more about HRT.



Hi, I'm Paul, and I'm taking hormones for a couple of years. It was a real disaster I've started to gain weight and my head became bold at 32. It's not a deal for a young man I considered to be. Thanks to God, I've consulted the doctor who diagnosed I've Testosterone deficiency and he offered me to take hormones. Today, I have no extra weight and my belly disappeared. There is still no hair on my head, but I look stronger and sexier than even in my prime.

Valerie King

It's a real miracle I can say. It was horrible to feel nothing to women even for my loved wife. Hormones changed it! I feel sexual arousal, I'm ready for sex, and have had lots of pleasant moments since I'm taking HRT.


I didn't expect such a wow effect from HRT. Earlier, I even thought it is fake and it suits only athletes who take AS's. But it works! In my 50, I feel younger than a decade ago and I feel stronger and more self-confident. All the secret is Hormone Replacement Therapy my medical advisor prescribed me.

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